Good Finds

I recently went to Saizen (the P88 store) and found these items there. A. Oil Filter Paper; B. Oil-Absorbing Cooking Paper

Aside from filtering used oil, I also use the Oil Filter Paper when I’m cooking poultry or meat stock from scratch. It’s great for straining and getting rid of the impurities like tiny bones, oil, etc. in order to get a clear stock.

On the other hand, the Oil-Absorbing Cooking Paper really absorbs oil very well. Before, I always just use table tissue or paper towel and place them on the plate to absorb oil from fried foods. The problem is food sometimes sticks to the tissue or the tissue tears up easily. Now, I don’t have these problems anymore. It comes in two sizes, small and large.


2 thoughts on “Good Finds

  1. HI Dada! I had the impression that these were walang kwenta.. Meron pala! WIll trot to Saizen and buy nga!! 🙂 Thanks for the tip!! 🙂 I like Saizen so much better than Daiso.. Hehehe…

    Love, Didi

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