My Very First Cake


It was my birthday last July 3. Ever since we had kids, it became a tradition to have a birthday cake so the kids can blow the candles. I saw a friend’s post of a birthday cake with a beautiful fresh fruit decoration on top. I fell in love with it! I asked for the supplier and inquired about it. No doubt it was a very expensive cake. I haven’t tasted the cake so I was not sure if I would like it or not. I thought to myself, why don’t I just bake one for myself and make it the way I like it, right?!

So, on my birthday, I baked my first ever cake! It was not perfect but according to my husband and kids, the cake was yummy and far better than the ones they tasted before. (Thank you for that vote of confidence!) The cake and frosting was not too sweet and the fruits were fresh and delicious! I was so happy that it turned out well.

It feels so great to be doing something I love on my birthday and sharing it with my loved ones. Here are some pictures of the cake.


I used fresh strawberries, kiwis, cherries, and grapes on top and in between the layers, I added strawberry and kiwi slices. Then, I covered the sides of the cake with some sliced almonds. It would be nice to add raspberries and blackberries too but they were not available at that time.


For the cake recipe, check out Simple Chiffon Cake by Cookpad and for the whipped cream frosting, visit How to Make Whipped Cream Frosting by Cake Journal.


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