Salad in a Jar


Last weekend, I finally got to buy my favorite mason jars! Hurray! I have been eyeing them for so long already. True Value is selling them in different sizes and colors. Before, when it was not yet available in the Philippines, I was thinking if I should buy them from the US and have them shipped, but I hesitated for fear of breaking the glass while in transit. I’m so glad that they are now available locally.

So…what to put inside the mason jar? Hmmm….

Last Sunday, we went to Shangri-la Plaza and whenever we go there, my husband always wants to order the DIY salad from Green Pastures for takeout. He loves their salad very much especially their Caesar Dressing. Good thing is they give out generous amounts of dressing when you order for takeout and my husband only use a little amount in his salad, thus, there is always leftover.

After the weekend, I went to the wet market to buy some fresh greens, vegetables, and chicken to make Caesar Salad at home. Also, I have been seeing on the web how they utilize the mason jars for salads and decided to give it a try. They’re so pretty to look at!

Here are the ingredients that I used and put inside the jar:


I used the regular pint sized mason jar. It might look like small in serving inside the jar but you will be surprised how much they are when they’re transferred to a plate. It’s one good serving of salad!

You can put in any ingredients or dressing that you like. Some said that freshness is prolonged inside the mason jar. I have yet to see how long it will stay fresh in the refrigerator because the first batch I made was immediately consumed even before it hit the refrigerator. That’s how much my husband loves his salad. I had my fair share too!:)

Enjoy packing up your salad inside your jars! 🙂


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