Sausage Roti Paratha


I saw this recipe in the Facebook page of “I Love Philips Airfryer” and said to myself, “I got to try this!” It just seems so easy to do and delicious. My eldest son also recently has a liking for hotdogs so this is the perfect recipe for him to try. Her recipe was made up of two ingredients only, sausage and roti. I added three more ingredients because I like ketchup, mayo, and cheese on my sausage.

Here’s what you need:
– 1 sausage/hotdog
– 1 roti paratha
– mayo
– ketchup
– Magnolia Quikmelt Cheese, grated
– dried parsley (optional)


I bought the sausage/hotdog from Landmark grocery in Trinoma. They have this section in the chiller area where they sell Santi’s Delicatessen products. There, I found a pack of sausage labeled special hotdog. I just don’t like buying those red colored hotdogs anymore. Then, in their frozen section with doors, I bought the Spring Home Roti Paratha.

This morning, I tried making them. I didn’t know that Roti easily get soft when defrosted and when it’s soft, it’s hard to handle and gets very sticky so make sure to work very fast.

Get the roti from the freezer and remove one from the package. Using a knife, make four to five slits on the roti. Cut the sausage lengthwise into four. Insert the sausage into the slits alternately until looking like a weave. Spread some mayo, catsup, and grated cheese on top.

Set the airfryer to 200C degrees. I used the grill pan that I got when I bought the airfryer, but if you don’t have one, you can just place it on the basket. Cook for 5 mins then it’s done! Sprinkle some dried parsley on top and serve! 🙂


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