Cheesy Cauliflower


Simple yet delicious and healthy too! The kids will love this vegetable dish, mine did!:)

What you need:
– Cauliflower
– olive oil
– minced garlic
– fresh chopped chives
– salt and pepper
– Magnolia Quikmelt Cheese

Please pardon me for not having exact measurements for this recipe. It was kind of a last minute dish that I made for today’s lunch and I wasn’t able to take note of measurements anymore. I just went with my instincts, but here are the steps to guide you.

Blanch the cauliflowers in boiling water for 2 minutes. Transfer the florets in a bowl, then add some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Mix in the garlic and chives. Transfer to a baking dish and cover the top with grated Quikmelt Cheese. Place over the basket inside the air fryer. Set the temperature at 190 degrees Celsius and air fry for 6 minutes or until the cheese has browned a bit. Serve and enjoy! 🙂


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