Airfried Almond Sticks


Whenever I travel to Hong Kong, I would always buy these almond stick snacks from Maxim’s Bakery which you can find in most MTR stations. Thanks to the wonderful woman behind the I Love Philips Airfryer, I don’t have to travel all the way to another country to get them but I can now conveniently make them at home. Her recipe is so simple and easy! Well, I’m not saying that they taste and look EXACTLY the same, but these almond sticks do remind me of THAT and they are equally delicious! I would try anything that could save me the trip and the money.

So here’s the recipe and you won’t believe how easy they are to make. Recipe adapted from I Love Philips Airfryer facebook page.

– Plain Roti Paratha
– 1 egg, beaten
– Sliced almonds or silvered almonds
– White sugar

If you’re wondering where I got my Roti Paratha, I got them at the frozen section where you find frozen pizza crusts in Landmark Supermarket. I’m pretty sure other supermarkets have them too. These are the same ones I used in my Sausage Roti Paratha post.

The great thing about this snack is that you can adjust how sweet you want them to be, so for those who are conscious about their sugar levels can either omit the sugar altogether or use a substitute instead.

Now here’s the method. Take out your Roti Paratha from the freezer. Brush it with beaten egg and sprinkle sugar on top. Slice the roti into 1/2 width strips and spread the almonds. You must be very fast because roti, once softened, will be tricky/hard to handle. Use thongs to place each strip in the airfryer basket. Some almonds might fall off, just place them back if they do. Airfry in the basket or grill pan for 5 minutes. Check for doneness once it’s close to the said time because we don’t want them to get burnt. It’s done when they are puffy and the tops are golden brown already. Sometimes they stick to the basket, you can use a flat spatula to lift them up but be careful not to break them though. Transfer them to a plate and enjoy! They are best eaten right away. Mine were gone in a flash!

Just the other day, I made a variation. I thought of putting nutella spread in between two rotis. How can anything with nutella go wrong right?! They turned out delicious too, but not as crispy as the ones without the filling. They are a little soggy but who cares as long as they taste yummy. If you would also like to try this, just spread some nutella on top of one roti then place another roti above and follow the same steps of the original recipe. Enjoy!



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