Roasted Potatoes with Melted Cheese and Bacon

What you need:

– Baby potatoes, washed

– Canadian bacon or bacon

– extra virgin olive oil

– Magnolia Quickmelt Cheese

– chili powder

– salt and pepper

Slice the baby potatoes in half. Boil a pot of water and boil the potatoes for 12 minutes. Drain the water. Pour some extra virgin oil and season with salt and pepper. Mix together. 

Set the airfryer to 200 degrees and cook the potatoes in the basket for 5 minutes or until a bit golden brown and crinkled. Transfer to a bowl. 

Cut the bacon into small pieces and sauté for 2 minutes. Set aside.

Transfer some of the potatoes into a ramekin. Season with some chili powder. Put lots of cheese on top and sprinkle some more chili powder. Spread the bacon bits on top. 

Set the airfryer again at 200 degrees. Place the ramekins over the basket and cook for 2 minutes or until cheese has melted. Be careful when getting the rameskins out because they will be very hot. Mix them together before eating. 



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